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Tempe, Arizona

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About Word & Faith Church

Who We Are:

Word & Faith Church Is...

  • New, thriving, multicultural, & multiracial
  • Full of love for God and the people of God.
  • We believe and follow “ONLY” the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His Apostles and Prophets
  • Free to follow the direction of the Holy Spirit without constraints of governing bodies who may not take into account the needs of a local congregation.
  • Focus on the central issues of the gospel without becoming sidetracked by minor issues that cause division and strife.

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Ronald E. Taylor Jr - Senior Pastor 

and Chara A. Taylor Pastor 

Dedicated to reverencing God in all they do, Ronald and Chara Taylor serve together as a husband-wife duo to pull down strongholds and break the bondage of traditional mindsets, especially in the area of marriage and family.

This powerful team sets out to be a manifested testimony of what a Kingdom marriage is meant to be. Although busy with life and ministry, their first priority is family and they strive to live a life of modeled biblical unity. This transparent team uses their life lessons to route people in the right direction to see positive fruitful results.

Chara A. Taylor ~ Pastor 

Chara A. Taylor, a St. Louis, MO native, now resides in the sunny land of Arizona with her husband and son. She is a wife, mom, pastor, mentor, teacher, author, and international speaker. She enjoys writing, cooking, traveling, dancing, skating, having girl nights with her friends, & spending time with her husband and son and watching football.

She is known to carry a smile that brightens up the room and heals people in their desolate places. She is outgoing, bold, and not afraid to go to war with the enemy through prayer. Chara began her journey with Jesus in October 1990.

She accepted the call on her life to minister God's word to young women & began her ministry for the Lord in February 2006, as she launched out in the deep with the mentoring ministry of GEWWELS Inc. (Girls Entering Womanhood While Experiencing Life's Struggles), a ministry encouraging young women to trust God and pursue holiness as they journey through life’s struggles transitioning from adolescence to womanhood as the Bible tells us to be holy in all manner of conduct.

She is passionate about life and living for Jesus. She is a light that shines through the darkness and she exemplifies the love of Christ in all she does. Her two life motto statements are: "Shine in Purpose, on Purpose, for His Purpose" & "Live Life with Joy". She is a woman who "takes women into the world of 'women' leading and empowering women to live as a woman after God's heart.

She is caring and compassionate yet fervent and fierce. She has authored 5 published books to-date on purpose, marriage, and living holy. Chara graduated Valedictorian in 2014 from St. Louis Christian College where she studied and pursued a degree in Christian Ministry with a minor in Biblical Studies. Chara was ordained as Pastor in 2014. Chara's passion and spiritual call propel her to empower people to live life completely in alignment with the Word of God.

Ronald E. Taylor Jr. ~ Bishop / Senior Pastor 

Ronald E. Taylor Jr., a native of Eagle Park, IL, now resides in Tempe, AZ with his wife and youngest son. A loving husband, father of 2, teacher, mentor, counselor, and pastor; he enjoys sports, martial arts, hiking, fishing, hunting, traveling, researching, and studying history, watching Martin Lawrence shows, and spending time with his wife and 2 sons.

Ronald graduated in 2014 from St. Louis Christian College where he studied and pursued a degree in Christian Ministry with a minor in Biblical Studies. His studies also include a Master's of Theology with an emphasis on Pastoral Care. Ronald was ordained as Pastor in 2014 and later consecrated in the office of Bishop in 2015.

He is employed as a Bereavement Counselor / Chaplain at Southland Hospice, where he assists families through the end of life process. Ronald's passion and spiritual call propels him to empower people to know the truth, live the truth, and experience God's best according to the Word of God.

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